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The University of Akron  ȳ



Basic Accidents and Sickness: 


F-1: F-1 visa holders should have a minimum coverage of $50,000, preferably 80%, per illness/injury.


J-1: J-1 visa holders must have a minimum coverage of $50,000, preferably 80%, per illness/injury for themselves and any dependents on a J-2 visa.  The insurance policy must include catastrophic illnesses.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment: A person's injury resulting in loss of life or members (means hand,foot or eye).

Repatriation (Preparation and Transportation of Remains): Preparation and transportation of remains to your city or permanent residence. Repatriation coverage should be no less than $7,500.

Medical Evacuation: Transportation to your city of permanent residence as a result of injury or sickness. The minimum coverage acceptable for medical evacuation is $10,000.

Deductible: The policy can have no more than a $500 deductible






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