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Information about health insurance and dental plans specifically designed for

international students. Please note: College of DuPage does not automatically

provide health insurance. It is the responsibility of the student to purchase

health insurance.


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College of DuPage

Estimated Expenses

In order to receive an I-20 document for international admission to College of DuPage, U.S. federal immigration regulations require that international applicants provide proof of adequate financial resources to live and study in the U.S. for at least one full academic year. The tuition rate for all F-1 international students
will be assessed at the out-of-state tuition rate, which is currently $386 per credit hour. 

When calculating expenses, remember that students holding F-1 non-immigrant status are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week on-campus during
the first year of study (provided a student position is available). Off-campus employment may be authorized after one academic year with governmental approval, if the student is maintaining lawful F-1 status and is in good academic standing. Any off-campus employment must be directly related to the students field of study indicated on his/her I-20 document. The applicant should not view employment as a significant source of financial support while attending College
of DuPage


Academic Program of Study
(TOEFL required)

English as a Second Language/ English Language Institute
(TOEFL required)

Conditional Acceptance to Academic Program of Study
(TOEFL required)

Tuition and Fees




Books and Supplies




Health Insurance




Living Expenses















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